Re-post: Blue-faced Rail (Gymnocrex rosembergii) in Kalawat

gynmocrex rosenbergii, rail, weris, burung, endemic, sulawesi9 August 2010 at about 08 A.M., a Blue-faced Rail (Gymnocrex rosenbergii) was found in an open kitchen in the back yard of house. The kitchen is fenced with 3-5 m concrete wall. The floor is cemented. The bird seemed weak and was not responsive to physical approach. A number of pictures were taken including the one that is posted here. Up until the sun set, the bird did not move much. It remained at the same position. It did not even touch the rice grains that were scattered near by.

The next morning, the bird was found hiding under a bush plant locally called Daun Nasi (Maranta sp) that grows at a damp soil. The bird seemed to be more active as it moved away from people. But the movement is still limited to a small area.

The house is located in Watutumou Dua village, Kalawat, North Minahasa, North Sulawesi at about 400 m above sea level. The surrounding is a residential area. The distance between houses varies between 20-500 meters. Empty land between the houses is bushy and dominated by alang-alang (Imperata cylindrica) and coconut plantation. People often find common rails (Gallirallus torquatus) in the bush.

Blue face rail is a rarely captured by camera. They are shy and moving very quickly to get away from people. Blue face rail is endemic to the island of Sulawesi. Usually, they are found in the secondary or primary forest next to an opening grass land. In the last year, the blue face rails have been observed in road outside Sea Village in Minahasa and the climbing trails of Mahawu Volcano in Tomohon (John Tasirin, Pers. Com.).

By Itos Jullinar and Iwan Hunowu

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